The pftabled daemon is a small helper to make your pf tables reachable from other hosts. You can add/delete/flush IP addresses to/from a remote table with a single UDP datagram. Sample client programs in C, Perl, PHP and Python are included. Source repository at GitHub.


	pftabled [options...]
	-d           Run as daemon in the background
	-v           Log all received packets
	-a address   Bind to this address (default:
	-f table     Force requests to use this table
	-k keyfile   Read authentication key from file
	-p port      Bind to this port (default: 56789)
	-t timeout   Remove IPs from table after timeout seconds

Client examples

	$ pftabled-client -k /etc/key 56789 spam add
	$ pftabled-client -k /etc/key 56789 spam del
	$ pftabled-client -k /etc/key 56789 spam flush


Release 1.09. Add sample PHP client. Use mandoc manual formatter if available.
Release 1.08. Add sample Python client. Check not only for replay attacks but for clock deviations to both sides (patch by Melissa Jenkins).
Release 1.07. Add sample Perl client.
Release 1.06. Add mask field to enable addition/deletion of whole networks (idea and initial patch from Niki Denev). Changed pftabled-client option parsing.
Release 1.05. Make authentication completely optional. Portability fixes for servers running on FreeBSD (prompted by Nick Buraglio).
Release 1.04. SHA1 authentication and client selectable tables (idea from Russell Fulton) which necessitates a new wire format.
Release 1.03. Bugfix: Missing initializer for timeout queue added.
Release 1.02. New timeout option to automatically remove table entries after a fixed time (idea from Samuel Ljungkvist).
Release 1.01. Initial release.
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