Download abook-autoexport

This is a wrapper script for abook to keep the abook database and Mutt's aliases synchronized. You can do all your editing in abook while using regular address completion in Mutt.


This patch implements two new functions: previous-tagged and next-tagged. Binding them to keys you can jump forward and backward between tagged messages.

Example: bind index \Ct next-tagged


This patch introduces a new (optional) check when replying to messages originating from a mailing list. It will ask the user if he really intended to reply to the author only (instead of the mailing list).

Example: set list_reply=ask-yes


This patch implements a new hook that is called periodically when Mutt checks for new mail. To call the hook every minute add set timeout=60 to your .muttrc.

Example: timeout-hook . "exec sync-mailbox"